Mitel Networks Corporation (and/or one if its affiliates) ("we"/"us") has made this application available for use with the Mitel cloud-based communications services ("communications services") and/or Mitel on-premise communication products ("communication products") we provide to the company or organization you work for (or are otherwise engaged with) ("your organization").

Communication Services

Your organization gives us any data we need to provide the application and associated communications services. We (and our service providers) may process data about you (and people you communicate with) ("personal data") as we provide the communication services. Where we (and our service providers) do process personal data, we (and our service providers) will do so only on behalf of your organization and under the terms of our contract with your organization ("your organizations’ contract").

For example, we may process personal data:

  • to track your session login and logout
  • to address any outbound communications or identify any inbound communications
  • to maintain logs about inbound and outbound calls and messages
  • in text messages or instant messages to the extent required to send and receive those messages
  • in files to the extent required to facilitate file sharing and collaboration between application users
  • in a phone or video call, voice mail or conference to the extent required to facilitate those calls
  • voicemail facilities or conferences
  • in respect of any other communications services we may provide to your organization (e.g. call recording services)
  • as required to contact you and/or your organization
  • as required provide technical support to you and your organization
  • as required to bill your organization
  • as required by a lawful access request or court order; and
  • where your organization has a contact center, to provide your organization with agent statistics such as: total number of calls made or received, average call handle time, total number of webchat or email handled, average handle time for those interactions

We will only disclose personal data to third parties (e.g. service providers) as set out in your organizations’ contract. Personal data is retained and deleted as set out in your organizations’ contract. We will not review the content of messages, calls, voice mails, conferences or communications unless required to do so by your organization, by applicable law or other extenuating circumstances. We treat personal and non-personal data found in communications content in the same manner.

Communicatons Products

On premise products operate on your organizations’ servers. We do not have access to these servers nor the communications they facilitate. For this reason, we do not process personal information associated with your communications. You should be aware that if your organization has purchased any third-party product add-ons, this application may send any necessary data to such third party. Please contact your organization or such third party for details.

Non-Personal Data

Regardless of whether our applications are used with our communication services or our communication products, our applications may transmit to us: application identifier, log data, crash data, information about the features used within the application including date, time and frequency of usage, sequence of features and clicks, and screens viewed, and the type and identifier(s) of the mobile device used to run the application. We use the foregoing information to improve and maintain our applications, products, and services.


You can find out more about us at

If you have any specific questions about how personal data is collected, processed and stored in your Mitel application, or your organizations’ communication services or communication products, you should address them to your organization.